Monsol consolidates its presence in international markets with exclusive distribution agreement for India with its string Monitoring device Monsol 1000-1500 with the company Elmex. This company is a leader in the Indian market and its immediate surroundings in the manufacture of electrical connectors and other photovoltaic products as well as the distribution of them. It has seven factories located throughout India, and more than 200 vendors in the Indian continent and surroundings.Resultado de imagen de elmex electric

The Indian market is a key to Monsol because of its durability and demand, where it plans to install photovoltaic plants until 2020.

Since the relationship began this September,in three weeks Monsol have sold more than 420 devices to satisfy three projects in India.


A major client Monsol on this continent is HENSEL that is very satisfied with the results of their boxes and get cheapen their teams more than 13%, increasing the quality thanks to the new monitoring system Monsol.

In the same line expansion of our company, we expect to close shortly distribution of our team in China, since we are the only European company capable of competing on price with local manufacturers and maintain our standard of European quality and manufacturing. This is due to Monsol technology, patented and unique market that allows the highest quality at a very competitive price.

Next year our goal is to open the markets in Indonesia and Vietnam.