Emicela planta fotovoltaica

Emicela, a food company, has contracted Monsol to monitor its two photovoltaic parks, located on the roof of its office and warehouse from Gran Canaria. Between the two plants, the power to be monitored is almost 1.7MW.
Monsol will be in charge of monitoring the meters, inverters and metrological stations, integrating and unifying under the same monitoring platform equipment from several different inverter manufacturers.
In addition, Monsol will display the monitored data on a screen that will be installed in the Emicela offices hall, where customers will be able to know different parameters of the monitored photovoltaic installations in real time.

Monitoring with private protocols from different inverter manufacturers

Inverters: SMA, Omrom, Riello, Xantrex, Huawei, SolarMax, Fronius, Solutronic, Kaco, etc.

Counters: DLMS/COSEM, IEC870, Prime